The habit of Korea people

Habits of the Korean people are:

* They were in pain or tingling sensation when I’m really Amendment continues to lick your finger to your nose disentuhin

* The habit of carrying a drunken man (ga there out there anyway .. so yes bajaj in carrying, taxi’s expensive .. Most do they take the bus, but it ga bus stop right in front of the house .. ya have to walk, so people mbknya in looking for taxi pick her up .. if it also could nyetop ga haphazardly like in Indonesia this …)

* The habit of eating noodles straight from the pan (to impractical .. mostly using that pot is a pot of brass, the which is easier to cool .. btw, it’s awful Korean noodles loh .. anyways byar GAX nyuci pirik 2X, + pot plate … and he said heck if feeding directly from the pot will be felt along kekeluargaanya (what the trial)

* The habit of eating noodles sound “slurps” (this makes aq kadang2 sebel Korean movie scene is when the meal .. dah .. Ampon Mulu starve .. they eat clay to restrain engga napsunya .. oh deh)

* The habit had a long table (I think they respect that very same night scene, there is a scene seringkan malam2 lie in summer over the kitchen as she saw stars .. owww so sweetzz (so want to have a table gituan dech)

* The habit of talking aigo (similar to chinese people, or if say aiyo aiya … we like talking with the suffix “deh, is it, anyway”

* Custom ear hold up hold a hot pot (he does that ear is the organ most stable temperature ..)

* The habit of banging his head (head banging are common in korea .. denger2 heck if there parent let their children handle links gebuk clever head .. what is also his son try the stress digituin ..)

* The habit of courtesy as a buyer or customer (ako liked this habit, rare in Indonesia, just to buy ice cream for $ 10 thousand Koreans, he said hati2 street .. well yes … let’s all merchants like that)

* Orang2 korea that would eat its mouth full of really ampe kesedek liatnya especially if they would talk tuh her mouth .. haha .. until monyong2 that LBH worse if he angry .. tuh muncrat2 kasian food all the people who really marahin ..)

* The habit of brushing your teeth (ako enter this sebagin their habits .. because in every movie there’s always drama ato rubbing scene with a gig .. yah who talk, sing something all sorts ..)

* The habit when I’m upset preman emphasis on one word, it sounded like people want to spit .. probably due to really be upset ngeludah ya want … (ako had fun nyobain kyk gini which the results are ako kesedek until batuk2)

* Strong really eating and drinking (no doubt)

* If the turns of HP batrenya immediately removed (HP denger2 there exist engga REJECT button so the quickest way is to remove the battery)

* Like when I’m really sad to go to the roof and contemplate the fate of (probably because there nice scenery times yes)

* Rare winter if another shower (not sure about this .. can tp wrote in korea if very cold winter .. boo)

* Like it really mecahin pake egg heads (tp kagak clear what the meaning which is definitely worth a try)

* Likes to eat GARLIC (believed to counteract the blood .. so let high blood engga)

* Panas2 eating habits (with a lot of Korean people who have not bhkan age of 40 must wear false teeth because their original teeth broken)

* Most of the Korean co tuh more sensitive, romantic, patient, and the fragile hearts (?) Than its ce .. (very different as in Indonesia)

* Chopsticks stanless steel must be another gag (no history mengpa they only want to use chopsticks like that

Bad habits of Koreans

* The South Korean alcoholic drinks often served as a tribute to their friends or guests .. Alcoholic beverages are common in South Korea, for both men and women. (Due to non-drinkers ako, jdi think It’s a bad thing … When we deal with it, should we accept the drink first and then placed again and then asked for soft drinks other (it’s just the tips alone .. hehehehe)

* The South Korean hot-tempered and rude, especially to people who worked under him, they often talked as hard as people get angry, sometimes interspersed with insults and hand holding / pushing the head where it is considered the norm

* Foods that are eaten South Koreans generally contains a lot of pigs, dogs also bnyak …

* Eating in the room is a taboo, because it is believed to make the provision will not go / away from food …

* South Korea reprimanded or yelled at, cursed his subordinates sometimes directly on the spot when the slightest mistake (sometimes do not know what’s wrong jg been snapped playing first, these same people who make Kesel korea) Completed angry or scolded, but the South Korean people do not save revenge in the heart, until the problem stops immediately.

* Most of the people of South Korea has the view that if we drink to get drunk it is no secret between them and they will trust and friendship to relieve stress and fatigue …

* Culture of plastic surgery performed by orang2 dikorea … In Korea 75% Citizens had plastic surgery (Though I think they’ve oke2 tampang2 really nice plus the color of his skin)

* South Koreans crowned as the most stressed people in the World Whatt? 81% of Korean people experience stress every day, so many Korean people really BUNDIR Amendment (Suicide) because of the harsh life of korea …


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